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[#19-en#another,Why another wiki?]\\

[#19-en#wysiwyg,Why not WYSIWYG?]\\

[#19-en#help,Where can I get help?]\\

[#19-en#bugs,Where do I report bugs?]\\

[#19-en#cost,How much does it cost?]\\

[#19-en#ihelp,How can I help with this project?]\\

[#19-en#feature,Can you add __ feature?]\\


*_Why another wiki?_*

* Conventional wikis were designed for getting massive amounts of information up and running via community involvement. They were not designed as a help application although they are widely used as one. This is a different approach, using the help application design and adding wiki functionality.

* Functionally, it is different for several reasons.

** Lightweight and efficient

*** *Codebase comparison*

**** *Mediawiki* has over `{c:red}2 million` lines of code

**** *Dokuwiki* has over `{c:red}100 thousand`

**** *`{C:#cf3}Wiki Web Help`* has *`{C:#cf3}approximately 5 thousand`*

*** *Client side script comparison*

**** *Ext JS* (minified) `{c:red}662K`

**** *jquery* core(minified) `{c:red}70K`

**** User interface code for *`{C:#cf3}Wiki Web Help`* un-minified < 70K, minified = 44k, *`{C:#cf3}initial load = 36k`*

** Uses ajax

*** The data requested after initial page load is minimal for increased speed and reduced server load.

** Client side wiki conversion

*** Data transfers typically average 66\ of the size of server side wiki conversions with a typical range from 45\ to 85\% in size

*** Your server sends raw database data, without processing the wiki markup, significantly reducing server load.

*_Why not WYSIWYG?_*

* WYSIWYG editors create direct HTML markup. Thus it would be stored in the database as HTML markup. Although it is more user friendly to edit, it has some performance impact due to the additional transfer of data. Additionally, there is also increased overhead in loading the editor script. A typical minified editor script is much larger than this whole project's scripts un-minified.\\


One problem is that the WYSIWYG editors tend to lose their styles due to the use of iframes for the editor. What you see is rarely what you get. Another wiki related problem comes when you try to view the history. With the wiki markup, the changes in history are much more user friendly to read than with HTML markup. The wiki markup has a flow to the page similar to the rendered pages. The HTML markup is only readable to the trained eye. Compare the histories of the Wiki Web Help site with the histories here which is a fork of this project that has chosen to go with WYSIWYG.\\


Due to the client side wiki processing, this project provides a *TRUE WYSIWYG* via a live preview(try the Demo or see the [/VideoDemo]). Therefore, the need for a pseudo WYSIWYG editor, which is the actual result of most attempts to incorporate one, has less appeal.\\


WYSIWYG would be considered if a diff engine emerges that would render the diffs in a WYSIWYG format. Otherwise, the increased overhead combined with the pseudo appearance and the cryptic histories does not warrant the benefit gain and is not in line with the goals of this project is to be lightweight and efficient.

*_Where can I get help?_*

* Please direct questions to the Sourceforge forum or contact [mailto:r_bondi@hotmail.com,the author].

*_Where do I report bugs?*_

* Please report bugs to the Sourceforge tracker or contact [mailto:r\_bondi@hotmail.com,the author].

*_How much does it cost?_*

* This is free software distributed under the MIT license.

*_How can I help with this project?_*

* First you can visit [#4, To Do] and see what is need. If you find something of interest of which you would like to help you can contact [mailto:r\_bondi@hotmail.com,Richard Bondi] or checkout the code at Sourceforge.

You can view the code at the project repository.

You can check out the code using Bazaar (bzr://wwh.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/wwh).

* If you wish to help financially, this project does not accept donations. However if you are in need of web hosting or are tired of poor performance by the top hosting provider, follow the link to Hostgator in the footer and sign up.

*_Can you add ____ feature?_*

* The goal of this project is to keep it lightweight, efficient and geared toward a help system. Features will be added based on applicability. For example, a _Recent Changes_ or _Random Page_ feature is great for an encyclopedia but users of this application will be looking for a solution to a problem and not be just browsing.

* You can also see the wikihelp fork to see if it has what you are looking for.

* If your request meets this criteria, visit the Feature Request page or contact [mailto:r\_bondi@hotmail.com,the author].

* Custom features can be added on a commercial service basis. Contact [mailto:r\_bondi@hotmail.com,the author] to discuss your specific needs.

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